Prefixes & Info
== Soft & Wet is a JJBA themed bot
@Soft & Wet#5580 Join the Support Server
Basic Commands Description
==help Responds with bot's help menu
==info Responds with bot's info
==ping Responds with pong and latency
==stats Responds with bot's stats
@Soft & Wet#5580 Responds with bot's help menu
Fun Commands Description
==hermit purple <mention/id> Info about mentioned user
==janken <rock/paper/scissors> Rock Papers Scissors
==wiki <something> Search for something on the JJBA wikia
Moderation Commands Description
==bites the dust <number> Deletes x amount of messages
==kraft work Locks channel
==the world <5-120> Enables slowmode for x mins
==za warudo <5-120> Enables slowmode for x mins
==the world <reset> Disables slowmode
==za warudo <reset> Disables slowmode
Gold Experience Description
==gold experience bird Sends a random bird picture
==gold experience cat Sends a random cat picture
==gold experience dog Sends a random dog picture
==gold experience doge Sends a random shiba inu picture
==gold experience fox Sends a random fox picture
==gold experience lizard Sends a random lizard picture
==gold experience panda Sends a random panda picture
==gold experience redpanda Sends a random redpanda picture
Bubbles Description
What? Bubbles is a way to limit ram usage
Why? Imagemagik uses too much ram
How? You get 5 bubbles per vote
Also 1 bubble = 1 image manipulation command
==bubbles [mention] Check how many bubbles mentioned user has
==give [mention] [amount] Give x bubbles to someone
Image Manipulation Commands Description
==heaven's door 9gag [mention/id/link/attachment] Adds the 9gag watermark on an image
==heaven's door bandicam [mention/id/link/attachment] Adds the bandicam watermark on an image
==heaven's door brazzers [mention/id/link/attachment] Adds the brazzers watermark on an image
==heaven's door btd/bitesthedust [mention/id/link/attachment] Activate btd on an image
==heaven's door btd2/bitesthedust2 [mention/id/link/attachment] Activate btd on an image again
==heaven's door deepfry [mention/id/link/attachment] Deepfries an image
==heaven's door disability [mention/id/link/attachment] Not all disabilities look like image
==heaven's door erection [mention/id/link/attachment] Kira gets an erection looking at an image
==heaven's door explode [mention/id/link/attachment] Explodes an image
==heaven's door flip [mention/id/link/attachment] Flips an image
==heaven's door flop [mention/id/link/attachment] Flops an image
==heaven's door haah [mention/id/link/attachment] Haahs an image
==heaven's door hooh [mention/id/link/attachment] Hoohs an image
==heaven's door hottest [mention/id/link/attachment] Heart attack goes after an image
==heaven's door ifunny [mention/id/link/attachment] Adds the ifunny watermark on an image
==heaven's door implode [mention/id/link/attachment] Implodes an image
==heaven's door jotaro [mention/id/link/attachment] Jotaro hates an image
==heaven's door jotaro2 [mention/id/link/attachment] Jotaro shows an image
==heaven's door jotaro3 [mention/id/link/attachment] Jotaro loves an image
==heaven's door liar [mention/id/link/attachment] An image has the taste of a liar
==heaven's door magik [mention/id/link/attachment] Magiks an image
==heaven's door morejpeg [mention/id/link/attachment] Morejpegs an image
==heaven's door swirl [mention/id/link/attachment] Swirls an image
==heaven's door waaw [mention/id/link/attachment] Waaws an image
==heaven's door wall [mention/id/link/attachment] Makes a wall of an image
==heaven's door wdt/whodidtthis [mention/id/link/attachment] Who did this image
==heaven's door woow [mention/id/link/attachment] Woows an image
==heaven's door worsethanhitler/wth [mention/id/link/attachment] Wths an image